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SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN ZAINAB (1)     Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia

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Rough Map of the School


The Area Under Construction:

These areas formerly housed the workshop and stores. Due to the demand for expansion, these areas have been demolished and will be occupied by new workshops, storerooms and additional multi-storied classrooms. The felling of the Flame of the Forest trees there, however, is regretted. 


This round domed building functions (presumably) as the area for the Muslim students who wish to pray during or after school hours.


This large open building is where the majority flock to during recess time. A large row of counters, lining both the top and left sides of the canteen cater to the students' needs. Aside from the usual fare such as Kuey Tiaw, Nasi Lemak and Mee Sup,  there are also other more unconventional ones such as burgers, banjos and even the ever popular Chinese pau.  Sinks and numerous dustbins are placed strategically throughout the building for the student's convenience.  The students are also seated according to class.

Science Labs

These block of laboratories is also shared by the technical classrooms. However, these labs are used solely by the Form 3 students. The lower level students utilize the smaller labs located in the Prefect/Art/Cooking Block whilst the more advanced students occupy the more sophisticated labs in the Science Lab 2 Blocks.

Form 3 Block

This triple storied building, aside from housing the Form 3 classrooms, also hosts the Form 1's as well. The bathrooms are located at the end of the block. Both ends of the building possess staircases.

Organic Farm

This plot of land has been subject to the works of the school's Pencinta Alam (MNS) Society and is now a pet project of the school. The workforce has now been supplemented by the Math and Science societies. Further information about the Organic farm is available on this website. 

Form 4 Block

This simple single storied building rests in the pleasant shade of two Mexican Lilac trees and an Asam Jawa shrub. A covered walkway allows students to walk to and from other buildings without getting wet during the rainy days. The building is also shared by the Form 2 students. 


Always filled to the doors during recess time, this small one roomed building acts as the school's general store. Aside from stationery, the Koperasi also provides packaged snacks, drinks and even ice-creams. A select section of reference books are also sold, alongside various types of exercise books, examination pads, ledgers and sketch pads.  A small corner is also reserved for the Asrama students, that is, the students who live in the school's boarding facilities. Items such as shampoos, toothpaste and other necessities are kept in stock. There is also a gift section.

Prefect/Art/Cooking Rooms

A motley of functions, this block has. The prefect's room, which functions as a meeting place for the school's prefects, is found here. Next to it is the male teacher's lounge, then followed by the cooking rooms, a small laboratory for the lower level students, and the art room.

Science Labs 2

This double storied block houses some of the more advanced and valuable machinery the school possesses. The lower floor consists of the Physics and Chemistry labs and storerooms, while the upper floor holds the Biology and the two Computer labs. A twin storied walkway connects this building to the Form 5 Block.


This wood walled building is a temporary workshop to fill the vacancy left by the demolition of the original. All the equipment from the old workshop has been moved here and it will be converted to other uses when the new workshop is complete.


These unique open air classrooms are versatile and are easily modified for other functions. Built over the school's old volleyball courts, which formerly were only white elephants, these sheds are surrounded by neat rows of Ashuka trees. Even though they are wall-less, these sheds all are fully equipped with fans, lights, blackboards and light furniture. Among the functions of these sheds are as extra classrooms, exhibition rooms, additional space during school assemblies and practice grounds for the school's self-defense classes.

Dewan or School Hall

This large building is equipped with a stage and a lobby. The sliding doors are made of glass and the floor is tiled. The building also houses the school's counseling room. It is mainly used for assemblies and seminars.

Sewing, Infirmary Rooms

This small double storied building houses the sewing room, some other technical rooms and also a sick bay or infirmary for the students who fall sick during school hours. 

Form 5 Block

This is the shadiest and coolest of all the building blocks. Screened by a row of Ashuka trees and an additional row of towering Yellow Flame trees, this block is occupied by the From 5 and 6 students. Staircases at both ends ensure students are able to access both both stories and a bathroom is provided at the end of the building. A twin walkway connects this building to the Advanced Science Labs.

Office Block

This double storied building houses the main teacher's lounges, divided into several sections such as Language, Science & Maths etc. The office and principal's room is also located here. The second floor consists of the Library and the APD room, which controls the school's PA system.

Back Gate

Utilized only by the construction workers working on the new buildings.

Side Gates

These are used by the students as they are not allowed to enter via the front gates save on rainy days. They are usually manned by a pair of prefects. Bicycle/Motorcycle sheds are provided nearby for the students.

Front Gates

A pair of majestic arches catches the eye upon arrival. These Gates are manned by prefects in the morning. They are flanked by rows of trees, mainly the Saga and Yellow Rain variety.

Other facilities not included in map:

The school boarding facilities are located on the opposite side of the road from the left of the Form 4 Blocks.

The school field is opposite the main front gate with a stretch of road in between. 


This Map was prepared by Teo Tze Ping (2000)