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SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN ZAINAB (1)     Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia

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Students Grumble Over Extra Classes

Sunday, 28th May 2000 - Much chagrin was exhibited over the fact that the Form 5 and 3 students were required to take extra classes during the one-week long mid-term holiday. The compulsory classes where backed with the authority that those who deliberately failed to attend without cause would be treated as truants.

Grumbled one student: "What holiday? If we have to go to school 5 days a week in a week-long holiday, then there's no difference between that and an ordinary school day."

Another student voiced her opinion. "I don't object to the extra classes concept, but I wish we could choose which classes we could take. I feel we are wasting time attending elementary classes such as English and BM (Malay) when we could be concentrating on our weaker subjects like our Science or Additional Maths."

Despite all the muttering, the turnout for the extra classes were fairly decent, as far as this reporter could see. However this reporter agrees with the second student and it is hoped that the school authorities allow the students to choose whichever subjects they wish to take up, instead of deeming everything compulsory.

This reporter would also like to point out that extra classes should be voluntary and not compulsory. We are aware that the standard of the students' education has to be raised, but not at the cost of the students' interest. However, we do applaud the schools effort to improve on the education of the students. - Zainab Observer    

Trees to be Felled Due to Dangers Posed

Sunday, 14 May 2000 - The two rows of Yellow Rain trees, which for numerous years have stood in front of the school, have been earmarked for felling. This fact was announced by the Headmistress during a routine school assembly. The reason: The trees were posing a threat to the safety of the students. Further investigation revealed that the roots of the giant trees were damaging the foundations of the buildings. Assurances that new and safer trees would be planted have been given.

This announcement, following the cutting down of the Ashuka trees along the Form Five Block, dismayed some of the students. The felling has already begun, with several of the trees being stripped of their branches and some already reduced to stumps.

Some students had other reasons for being annoyed at the felling of the trees. The loud droning of the chainsaws were disrupting classes, they complained. The crashing of the branches and trunks whooshing past the windows also had a rather distracting effect. The reason why this work was not carried out during non-school hours is unknown.

This reporter would also like to point out that the cutting down of the trees during examinations is not recommended as it prevents the students from making their best efforts during that time. -Zainab Observer