SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN ZAINAB (1)     Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia

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Welcome to the website of Sekolah Menengah Zainab (1)!

Our school is located in Kota Bharu, capital of Kelantan and is one of the largest and oldest schools in the state. 

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Words From Our Headmistress:

"Welcome to SMK Zainab (1), a school of elegance and comfort. We promise you tge best in information and statistics in this website. 

You may find more  than you seek when you are in SMK Zainab (1). The Staff and students are growing in knowledge all the time. You'll see us as you see our Vision 2020. 

A famous programme may be the reason to enroll in a cetain school, but in SMK Zainab (1) it is often what is glimpsed and experienced along the way which makes schooling here interesting and intriguing."


- Puan Hajjah Nor Azidah Abdul Aziz

Our interpretation of 'ZAINAB' in Malay:

Z - Zahir kami berimej ceria

A - Amanah kami tunai bersama

I  - Ikhlas obor kami menabur jasa

N - Namamu gah bertakhta melata

A - Arah tuju kami sehala

BBersyukur kami limpah kurnia


Bravo Zainabians




Now or Never

Against the Odds

In and Out

Always there

Never giving up

Seeking the best


Completely Redesigned By Teo Tze Ping (2000)



Best Students




The OrganicFarm Project



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